Pope Francis

The Pope and World Religious Leaders with Joint Appeal Before UN Climate Conference

Pope Francis and other religious leaders issued a joint appeal today to the organizers and participants of next month's UN Climate Change Conference (COP26). They called on forum participants to propose concrete solutions to save the planet from "an unprecedented environmental crisis," Reuters reported.

Some 3,000 paedophiles in French Catholic Church since 1950: Probe

Some 3,000 paedophiles have operated inside the French Catholic Church since 1950, the head of an independent commission investigating the scandal told AFP days ahead of the release of its report.

The commission's research uncovered between 2,900 and 3,200 paedophile priests or other members of the church, said Jean-Marc Sauve, adding that it was "a minimum estimate".

Opponents of abortion hold Walk for Life rally in Ljubljana

Ljubljana – A march by opponents of abortion called Walk for Life was held in Ljubljana on Saturday, gathering a few hundred people, including Archbishop of Ljubljana Stanislav Zore, who said the fundamental right to life must not be forgotten. A counter-rally was also held at the same time.

Andrej Saje ordained as new bishop of Novo Mesto

Mirna Peč – The new bishop of Novo Mesto, Andrej Saje was ordained at a ceremony at the parish church of Mirna Peč on Sunday before he formally takes over from Andrej Glavan next week. Addressing the congregation, Saje noted the great responsibility he is assuming, wishing for fruitful cooperation and dialogue with everyone in the diocese.

Pope Greeted by Cheering Crowds, Some Puzzlement on First Visit to Slovakia in 18 years

Pope Francis gets off a plane upon arrival at Bratislava International Aiport. He was welcomed with a traditional tasting of bread and salt on the tarmac of the airport, and received a bouquet of flowers typical for Slovakia. Traffic in the country's capital was paralysed for several hours on the day given extraordinary safety measures.

Pope Francis meets Viktor Orban in worldview clash

Pope Francis arrived in Budapest on Sept. 12 to celebrate a mass, with eyes focused on his meeting with the anti-migration Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

The head of 1.3 billion Catholics will have a half-hour meeting with Orban - accompanied by Hungarian President Janos Ader - in Budapest's grand Fine Arts Museum, in what could be an awkward brief encounter.

Djukanovic: "I'm worried"

He pointed this out after a meeting with Apostolic Nuncio, monsignor Luigi Pezzuto.
He pointed out the concern for renewed retrograde ideas in the region and emphasized that Montenegro must defend itself with full awareness that the most important thing is to preserve peace, stability, interethnic and inter-religious harmony, RTCG reported.