Blinken warns immediately upon arrival: Possible attack

Blinken immediately warned that Russia could carry out the attack "in a very short time".
"As you all know, in the last few months we have been engaged in an intensive focus on Ukraine due to the significant accumulation of Russian forces we saw near the Ukrainian border," Blinken said in a conversation with Ukrainian diplomats at the US Embassy in Kiev, Reuters reports.

Putin: "Genocide"

He said that the population in the war-torn east of Ukraine, a zone that is currently at the center of new tensions between Moscow and the West, was affected by "Russophobia", which, in his words, is "the first step towards genocide".

Lukashenko: "I talk to Putin about Serbia almost every time"

"I have to tell you that I talk about the Balkans at almost every meeting with President Putin. And who do we have in the Balkans? That's right, we have Serbia. It has always been a stronghold of Slavs in the Balkans. It still is", Lukashenko said during a meeting with the president of the friendship group with Belarus of the Serbian Parliament, Dragomir Karic.

Putin vs. Biden

They will discuss military tensions and other issues in Ukraine via a video link.
The U.S. President wants to talk with Putin about the deployment of Russian forces on the border with Ukraine, Reuters quoted an unnamed source from the American administration as saying, but also about strategic stability, cyber security and regional issues.

Putin's last warning: "If any of strike systems appear..."

He stated that Moscow would consider the deployment of certain offensive missile capacities on the territory of Ukraine as a "trigger".
At the investment forum in Moscow, Putin said that he hoped that common sense would prevail on all sides, but he also wanted NATO to be aware of Russia's concerns regarding its own security, and in relation to Ukraine, Reuters reports.

New Variant of the Delta Strain of COVID-19 in Moscow

Three cases of infection with a new variant of the Delta strain of coronavirus have been identified in Moscow and the Moscow region. This was announced by the Chief Sanitary Doctor of Russia Anna Popova.

It is the same mutation of the virus that was found in about 7% of patients in the UK, said Anna Popova in a television interview and called on people to be vaccinated en masse.

A new level of escalation?

In a mocking tone, which has become a trademark of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Sergei Lavrov proposed that NATO, "in case of urgent matters", address the Russian Embassy in Brussels, which is in fact in charge exclusively of bilateral relations between Russia and Belgium.