Bulgarian National Assembly Votes Third Boyko Borisov Government into Office

The Bulgarian National Assembly has elected GERB leader Boyko Borisov for Prime Minister of Bulgaria and accepted the structure and composition of the new coalition cabinet proposed by him, BNR reported.

Out of the 233 MPs who took part in the voting, 134 MPs from GERB, United Patriots Coalition, Volya and an independent MP voted in favour of the new cabinet.

Boyko Borisov Says Coalitional Agreement Guarantees Stable Ruling

After GERB and the United Patriots has signed the coalitional agreement and President Radev had handed over to future PM Boyko Borisov the mandate for the constituting of the new government, the latter commented that the agreement guaranteed stable rule, BNR reported.

The document envisages a cabinet of one pm, four vice premiers and 17 ministers with decisions made with consensus.

DPS Does Not Aim at Cabinet Positions at All Costs

After consultations with President Radev, chairman of the  Movement for Rights and Freedoms, Mustafa Karadayi, said that with the current configuration in parliament, it was up to the political forces to draw up a program for governing the country by the end of the Bulgarian EU presidency and to form a parliamentary majority around this program.

Tsvetan Tsvetanov: If Necessary the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Turkey Must be Closed

''It is unacceptable to corrupt the election process this way. Therefore, adequate measures have to be undertaken. If necessary, the polling stations outside the consulates and the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Turkey must be closed'', said Tsvetan Tsvetanov, Deputy Chairman of GERB on Nova TV.

President Radev Presents Priorities of Caretaker Cabinet

As of Friday, Bulgaria will be governed by a caretaker cabinet, announced President Radev during the official presentation of the composition and priorities of the cabinet appointed by him.

"This cabinet will govern in a complicated external political and international situation. The country needs security and stability," stated Radev.

Alpha Research: If Elections Were Held Today, 5 Parties Would Enter Parliament

If parliamentary elections were held today, GERB would win 32.6% of the votes of people who are determined to vote, while BSP will get 28.8%, showed the results of the latest survey of NOVA and Alpha Research agency, presented on Nova TV. No single party would have an independent majority and possible coalitions would be difficult to form.