President Radev Presents Priorities of Caretaker Cabinet

As of Friday, Bulgaria will be governed by a caretaker cabinet, announced President Radev during the official presentation of the composition and priorities of the cabinet appointed by him.

"This cabinet will govern in a complicated external political and international situation. The country needs security and stability," stated Radev.

Alpha Research: If Elections Were Held Today, 5 Parties Would Enter Parliament

If parliamentary elections were held today, GERB would win 32.6% of the votes of people who are determined to vote, while BSP will get 28.8%, showed the results of the latest survey of NOVA and Alpha Research agency, presented on Nova TV. No single party would have an independent majority and possible coalitions would be difficult to form.

'No Division' among Bulgarian Nationalists, Leader Says

Patriotic Front (PF) co-leader Krasimir Karakachanov has downplayed any division existing between the two main parties within the nationalist alliance or among other of its parties.

In an interview with public broadcaster BNT, Karakachanov has blamed "hybrid warfare" for the reports he is increasingly at odds with Valeri Simeonov, the chairman of NFSB party and also PF co-leader.

BSP To Return Mandate

On Wednesday, BSP will return the mandate and will not participate with its own cadres in a new government within the framework of the current Parliament, announced on BNR the left-wing deputy Georgi Svilenski.

Sofia Airport Concession Deadline Extended Until January 31

"We will extend the deadline for applications for the concession of Sofia Airport until January 31. We are leaving Mr Radev and the caretaker government to decide what to do with the airport," stated Transport Minister Ivaylo Moskovski at an extraordinary briefing called after the statement of BSP deputy Zhelyo Boychev.

Bulgaria's Reformist Bloc Endorses GERB Candidate in Presidential Vote Runoff

The junior ally in Bulgaria's minority coalition government will fully stand behind Tsetska Tsacheva, the main ruling party candidate, in the presidential election runoff, one of its co-chairs has said.

A decision has been taken by the Reformist Bloc (RB) coalition to back GERB's candidate, Bozhidar Lukarski has told public broadcaster BNT.