Radoje Zvicer

Montenegro Senior Police Official Arrested for Alleged Crime Ties

Montenegrin police director assistant Dejan Knezevic in his office in Podgorica. Photo: Government of Montenegro

Knezevic was arrested as part of a large-scale investigation of police links with the notorious Kavac drug gang, which has led to 12 current and ex-police officers' arrests and to national warrants for the arrest of three others.

The trial of Belivuk's group continues

In the Special Court in Belgrade today, the trial of the members of the organized criminal group should be continued with the interrogation of the defendant-collaborator Srdjan Lali.
They are charged with seven murders, drug trafficking, illegal possession and carrying of weapons, kidnapping and rape in a confirmed indictment.

Brnabic: Vucic's murder planned in the first half of February, we have it in writing

Being hosted on TV Prva, Prime Minister Brnabic said that she received notification of the planned assassination on Friday, January 14, under the label urgent.
"It is quite clear and unambiguous that the assassination of Vui is planned, even with the time when the murder was planned - in February this year," she said.

Montenegro Prosecution Indicts ‘Kavac’ Gang’s Alleged Kingpin

The special state prosecutor's offices in Podgorica, Montenegro. Photo: EPA/BORIS PEJOVIC

Police arrested Kascelan, 58, on April 21 suspicion of organising a criminal group that had committed and planned several serious crimes, while another high-ranking gang member, Radoje Zvicer, escaped from the country.