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PSD publishes censure motion text against Citu Gov't

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) published, on Thursday, the text of the censure motion against the Citu Government. The document, titled "Stop poverty, price increases and criminals! Down with the Citu Government!," claims that the only solution for Romania exiting the continuous political, economic and social crisis is for the Citu Government to renounce the country's leadership urgently.

RON depreciation to continue, without internal political situation influence (CFA Romania's Codirlasu)

The national currency has depreciated on Thursday compared to the euro, continuing, practically, its descending trend started last week, the internal political situation having no influence on the exchange rate, believes Adrian Codirlasu, deputy chair of the CFA Romania Association. "The course depreciated a little. Practically it continued the depreciation trend started last week.

USR PLUS and AUR would have 122 signatures for censure motion (USR's Mosteanu)

The leader of the Chamber of Deputies group of the Save Romania Union - Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity (USR PLUS), Ionut Mosteanu, stated that the representatives of the Union have contacted all political parties in view of supporting an eventual censure motion.

European path of Republic of Moldova, discussed by President Iohannis with Chisinau Parliament President Grosu

President Klaus Iohannis addressed congratulations for the victory of the pro-reform, pro-democracy and pro-European political forces in the early elections of July 11 in the Republic of Moldova and for the election of Igor Grosu as President of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, at the welcoming of the latter at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace, on Wednesday afternoon, the Presidentia

CNS "Cartel Alfa" announces start of street actions against "abberant measures" of Gov't

The members of the Confederal Committee of the National Trade Union Confederation (CNS) "Cartel ALFA" have decided to start street activities against the Government and its aberrant measures, according to a release sent on Tuesday by the trade union organization.

EnerMin Popescu: Repeat offences of energy suppliers&distributors will be punished at turnover level

The Ministry of Energy will come to Government with an emergency ordinance by which the repeat offences of energy distributors and suppliers will be punished at the level of the company's turnover, announced, on Tuesday, the Minister of Energy, Virgil Popescu, announced.

10,655 people vaccinated against COVID in last 24 hours

A total of 10,655 doses of Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson&Johnson vaccine have been administered in the last 24 hours, of which 7,240 represent the first dose and 3,415 the second dose, according to a Monday report from the National Committee for COVID-19 Coordination of Vaccination Activities (CNCAV).

COVID-19 death toll rises by 17 to 34,471 in last 24hrs

The Strategic Communication Group (GCS) informs that, in the last 24 hours, 17 deaths have been reported in patients infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Furthermore, one death from before the reference period was also reported - a man from Bucharest, deceased in July. According to GCS, the patients who died of COVID-19 were 9 men and 9 women.

Online app for authorization process on non-banking financial market launched by ASF

The Financial Oversight Authority (ASF) has launched an online instrument that facilitates the process of authorization on the non-banking financial market which is part of the institution's strategy to digitize its activity, announced, on Thursday, the ASF.