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Nadlac II Border Crossing point using 10 lanes to receive convoy of Romanians stuck in Austria

The authorities are using the maximum capacity of the Nadlac II Border Crossing Point in order to receive the convoy of thousands of Romanians who arrived in the country during the night, after they had been stuck in Austria due to the closing of the borders of Hungary.

Government: Launch of COVID-19 Official News online platform

The Government, through the Authority for the Digitization of Romania, and the non-governmental organization Code for Romania launched the online platform "COVID-19 Official News" (stirioficiale.ro) and is working on several other such projects regarding responsible social conduct in preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Banking system, support for counteracting negative effects of COVID-19 pandemic on economic, social level

The Romanian Association of Banks (ARB) and the Council of Banking Employers in Romania (CPBR), organizations that represent all the active banking institutions on the Romanian market, grant support to clients and authorities regarding the limitation of negative effects on the individual economic welfare, Romania's economy and public health and safety, in the context of the pandemic caused by t

Total number of coronavirus infections reaches 48

A new coronavirus infection case was confirmed on Thursday in Romania, the total number of infections reaching 48. The person is a woman from Bucharest aged 20. "Until today, March 12, at the national level there were 48 cases of persons infected with the COVID-19 virus (coronavirus) on Romanian soil," the Strategic Communication Group.

Parliament meets for investiture of Citu Government

Parliament will meet in joint session on Thursday, at 16:00 hrs, for the investiture of the Government of Prime Minister designate Florin Citu. According to the joint rules of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate, in order for the session in which the investiture of the government will be voted on to take place, the presence of 233 MPs is necessary.

Orban requests mayors stop communicating information relating to diagnosed coronavirus cases

Interim Prime Minister, Ludovic Orban, mentioned on Tuesday night that the representatives of the local administration do not have the quality of relaying information about diagnosed coronavirus cases, believing they are breaking the law. "Mr. Interior Minister and Mr.