Recep Tayyip Erdogan

This is the "New Turkey"

Watching Tuesday?s swearing-in ceremony for newly elected deputies, one could not help thinking that this is a parliament which truly represents the ?New Turkey,? and not the one the Justice and Development Party (AKP) talked about when it held the parliamentary majority and called the shots.

All eyes on Ankara

By Costas Iordanidis

A different world lies beyond the walls of the eurozone, and it is unstable and full of risks. It is there that developments are taking place that may challenge what we defined as our key national interests up until a few years ago.

Turkey: Erdogan denied absolute majority; AKP still picks up 41%

What a difference a little geography will make. With 36 percent of the general vote taken in January 2015 Greece’s leftist SYRIZA points to a “people’s mandate”, whereas in neighboring Turkey 41 percent for the AKP party is a first-place showing, nevertheless, but one greeted with frowns by its supporters and jubilation by the opposition.