Ria Antoniou

Sexy Ria Antoniou video naked! (video-photos)

The Italian TV viewers first discovered sexy Greek model Ria Antoniou back in 2012 when she was part of the “Dancing with the Stars” show. So it is no surprise that the blonde bombshell was chosen to feature in magazine “For Men’s” in a sizzling hot photoshoot. Behind the scenes footage of the hot babe was released with Ria in all her naked glory!

The 12 Hottest Greek Celebrities! (SEXY PHOTOS)

There is something about certain countries and the exotic nature of beautiful women. The Mediterranean Sea kisses the Greek lands and has been the location of some of the most beautiful women to walk the face of the earth. Known as Greek Goddesses, the women of Greece have appealing attributes exclusive to the rest of the world.

Ria Antoniou becomes Marilyn Monroe on screen (video)

Donning a platinum blonde wig and a pleated white dress like the one worn by Marilyn Monroe in the Seven Years Itch, the Greek beauty pageant title-holder, model, television personality and Greek sex symbol Ria Antoniou, who has been living and working in Italy for the past few years, became a living image of the legendary film star on Italian comedy show Colorado.

Hot Ria Antoniou in no-underwear Sharon Stone scene! (video)

Sexy Greek model Ria Antoniou has made Italian viewers ‘lose their minds’ once again after re-enacting the erotic 90’s Sharon Stone scene from the movie “Basic Instinct” on an Italian TV show. Wearing a white dress, the hot blonde is sitting on a chair and mimics the famous leg-crossing scene with no underwear on.

Ria Antoniou shows off bust (videos-photo)

Sexy Greek model and TV persona Ria Antoniou, who has been carving out a career for herself on Italian TV for the past years, shared a hot photo and video with her Instagram fans from backstage. The 28-year-old bombshell struck a sexy pose wearing a white shirt and showing off her incredible bust just before going on air for the TV show “Colorado”.

Ria Antoniou with Antonio Banderas

Sexy Greek super model Ria Antoniou has been following her dream in show biz, as she has appeared on Italian TV on numerous occasions. the blonde beauty seems to have set her eye on higher goals, as she recently uploaded a photo on her Instagram account posing with Hollywood super star Antonio Banderas. The caption reads ‘During my fitting for the Oscars’. Well done Ria.