Rita Ora

See the best Met Gala futuristic hair styles

This year’s 2016 Annual Met Gala hair was put on display since many celebrities walked the red carpet in futuristic and magnetic looks.

Whether it was metallic braiding, peroxide cuts, gravity defying up-do’s, reflective head-pieces or chrome finger waves, celebrities did not hesitate to make an entrance with their hair, as The Sun mentions.

Media rife with rumours Rira Ora and Jay Z are in an affair (Photos)

From the moment the new Beyonce album ‘Lemonade’ was released rumours that her husband Jay Z was cheating on the pop icon started gaining steam in Hollywood. Soon the blogosphere was full of theories about who the mystery mistress might be. US tabloids speculated that the lady in question could be UK singer Rita Ora.

The 15 most beautiful faces (pics)

The meaning of the expression ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ originated in ancient Greece by philosopher Plato. The meaning is that the perception of beauty is subjective. A recent study released in the UK attempted to objectify what the English perceive as beautiful. 100 people were asked to identify facial features they thought of as beautiful.

Rita Ora show us her boob…(racy pics)

Rita Ora is a talented musician and an even more stunning beauty, this new photoshoot proves the latter. As you can see, she has a unique combination of genetics and was born in Kosovo, explaining her sexy, exotic look. The singer and model who was named after the stunning Rita Hayworth carries on the tradition of breathtaking beauty.

Sexy Rita Ora (pics+vid)

UK pop star Rita Ora is not known for holding back at all when it comes to her public appearances. The paparazzi just have to be around whenever she goes out and it is certain they will be rewarded with some raunchy shots. This was no exception, as Rita went out to a club in Hollywood. And a quick hot video of her sexy dancing skills.