Roberta Metsola

One week to unveil Friends of Europe’s EYL40 Class of 2024

The countdown is under way to unveil the 2024 class of the European Young Leaders (EYL40). Motivated by the urgent need to tackle the increasing disconnect between citizens and policymakers, and to rebuild the trust that is vital to democracies, Friends of Europe launched the EYL40 leadership programme in 2012. The EYL40 Class of 2024 will be unveiled on 22 January.

Celebrating 25 Years of the Euro: Bulgaria Aims to Join the Currency Union

Marking a significant milestone, the euro commemorates its 25th anniversary since its inception. Introduced initially in 11 countries, the single European currency has grown to encompass approximately 350 million users across 20 countries in the eurozone. Bulgaria eyes becoming the 21st member, intending to join the currency union early next year.

EU hails a migration deal breakthrough after years of talks. Critics worry about rights abuses

European Union leaders and top officials hailed on Wednesday a major breakthrough in talks on new rules to control migration, but critics said the reforms will weaken the rights of asylum-seekers and encourage more morally dubious deals with countries that people leave to get to Europe.