Rositsa Velkova

Ministry of Finance: The Fiscal Reserve of Bulgaria is Decreasing

"At the beginning of the year, the fiscal reserve was BGN 11.9 billion, of which BGN 10.8 billion was in BNB (Bulgarian National Bank) accounts. As of May 10, the fiscal reserve decreased to about BGN 10.3 billion, and in BNB accounts - to 9.6 billion". This was stated by the acting Minister of Finance Rositsa Velkova in the plenary hall.

Bulgaria’s PM on Arms for Ukraine: The Government must comply with the Parliament

"The Bulgarian governments must be reasonable and comply with the decisions voted by the National Assembly." This was stated by acting Prime Minister Galab Donev to bTV.

This is how he answered a question about giving military aid to Ukraine.

Petkov: Bulgaria going Banrkupt was Fake News - This happens before every Election

"This whole crisis, that the state is bankrupt and that the leva-euro exchange rate is at risk, was really a piece of fake news, to which the BNB immediately reacted, and the next day the finance minister retracted her words," said the co-chairman of "We Continue the Change" Kiril Petkov on Nova TV.

Vice President Yotova: Bulgaria is not Facing Bankruptcy, We do not need a Loan from the IMF

Vice President Iliyana Yotova stated that Bulgaria is not facing bankruptcy. According to her, our country does not need to take a new loan from the International Monetary Fund, nor to change the agreement with the fund, nor to take out new debt.

Bulgarian National Bank: Incompetent and Irresponsible Statements! Changing the BGN-EUR Exchange Rate is Impossible

"Changing the leva-euro exchange rate is impossible". This is stated by the Bulgarian National Bank to National radio, after yesterday information was spread, which is claimed to be from a report of the Ministry of Finance, according to which there is a risk of a change in the exchange rate of the leva against the euro.