Rumen Radev

Alpha Research Poll: Bulgaria's Presidential Runoff 'Too Close to Call'

A dramatic runoff is expected in the presidential elections of Bulgaria, pollster Alpha Research has said.

While the candidate of conservative GERB party, Tsetska Tsacheva, will have a 7.9% lead in the first round according to Alpha Research, the gap between her and socialist-backed opponent Rumen Radev will be around 1 percent, a recent poll, conducted October 08-13, indicates.

Bulgaria's Socialists Not Negotiating on Support in Presidential Elections

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) leader Korneliya Ninova has said she will not seek support from any other political organization for the upcoming presidential vote.

The BSP's candidate, Maj Gen Rumen Radev, is not supported by other left-wing parties, who pulled out of talks with socialists in the summer, nominating their own candidates.

Socialist Presidential Candidate Radev: We Need Decisive Change in Refugee Policy


"A decisive change is needed and it must happen at these elections. We are the alternative to the government. There is no other alternative," stated the presidential candidate nominated by an initiative committee and supported by BSP General Rumen Radev.

He was adamant that he will have a proactive policy on security.

Socialist Presidential Candidate Denies 'Russophilia' Claims

Bulgaria should develop its own policies and pursue and defend them abroad, and not the other way around, the Air Force's ex-commander and current socialist presidential candidate has said.

In an interview with private bTV station, Maj Gen Rumen Radev has argued the country should act in its own interest, instead of eing imposed decisions. He has not elaborated.

Controversy over EU, NATO Flags Desecration at Russophile Gathering

The socialist-backed presidential candidate, Maj Gen Rumen Radev, attended on Sunday a gathering of the "friends of Russia" and addressed the crowd.

Radev spoke of the "hard time in relations between EU and Russia" and argued Bulgaria's role would be to cooperate in overcoming the problem.