Rumen Radev

“There Is Such a People” at the Presidential Consultations: We Ask you to Declassify the January Talks for North Macedonia

Consultations with President Rumen Radev to form a new government within this parliament continue today. The first meeting is with representatives of "There Is Such a People".

The Bulgarian Socialist Party will also Not Go to the Presidential Consultations Today

Representatives of the BSP parliamentary group will not go to the president's consultations before being given a mandate to form a new government. The consultations with the Bulgarian Socialist Party were scheduled for 4.45 p.m. today.

The reason for their inability to attend is the discussion of the budget in the budget committee.

GERB at the Consultations with the President: If We are given a Mandate, We will Return it

President Rumen Radev has begun consultations with representatives of parliamentary groups in the 47th National Assembly to hand over a mandate to form a new government within the current parliament. He welcomed the representatives of GERB for talks.

Bulgaria: First Day of the Presidential Consultations to Form a New Government (UPDATED)

On June 27, 2022, Head of State Rumen Radev held consultations with representatives of the parliamentary groups of the 47th National Assembly to hand over a mandate to form a new government within the current parliament. They were held at the presidential institution.

Bulgaria: Petkov's Cabinet has Officially submitted its Resignation

The resignation of the government has been submitted to the National Assembly, BNT reported. At this stage, no statement by the resigned Prime Minister Kiril Petkov is planned.

Petkov's cabinet remained in power for just over six months and was ousted by a no-confidence vote last week with 124 votes from GERB, DPS, Vazrazhdane and the "There Is Such a People" group.

The "French" Proposal Shook the Macedonian Government, Kovachevski Hardened his Tone

The French presidency's proposal to resolve the dispute shook the Macedonian government after three small parties threatened to leave if the cabinet approved a draft sent to the Bulgarian parliament to end the dispute between Skopje and Sofia.

President Radev: 30% of Bulgarians already Live Abroad

"30% of Bulgarians already live abroad", announced President Rumen Radev. Yesterday he joined the National Conference on the Bulgarian Language "Sacred Language" at Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski". According to the head of state, our country needs a National Cultural Institute to unite Bulgarian communities abroad through the Bulgarian language and culture.