Rumyana Chenalova

Leaked Recording Brings Up Claims of Bulgaria PM's Relations with Controversial MP

The Bulgarian government is not commenting on claims heard in a wiretapped conversation of a former judiciary official with a dismissed judge as the latest leaks of so-called Yanevagate were released this week.

The conversation involves former Sofia City Court head Vladimira Yaneva, dismissed judge Rumyana Chenalova, and lawyer Momchil Mondeshki who is allegedly close to Yaneva.

Bulgaria Police Arrest Alleged Mastermind of Attack on Ex-Security Agent

A Ukrainian national has been detained in Bulgaria who the prosecution believes to have masterminded the attack against former security agent Alexei Petrov, the Bulgarian National Television has said.

Interior Ministry sources cited by other media outlets suggest several Ukrainians have been arrested as well in relation to the case, but the number is not specified.

Controversial Bulgarian Judge Summoned for 2nd Indictment

Rumyana Chenalova, a controversial judge charged with malfeasance and document fraud, is to be handed a second indictment on Wednesday, Bulgarian media outlets report.

Chenalova has been summoned to the Bulgarian security agency DANS, according to the Bulgarian National Radio which cites its own sources.

Bulgarian Authorities Launch Nationwide Search for Judge Rumyana Chenalova

Bulgarian authorities are searching nationwide for Judge Rumyana Chenalova, who has been temporarily removed from office due to ongoing disciplinary proceedings against her.

Chenalova was not found at any of the addresses she listed in documents submitted to the court authorities, according to the prosecuting authority, as cited by