Ruzic: Pupils in the school benches next week as well

Less than a thousand students are currently infected with coronavirus, which is 0.15 percent, but that is a statistic and it is important that we promote the application of epidemiological measures through education and work with students and teachers, but also raise awareness of the need to deal with this plague, and the best way to fight and win is a vaccine, said Branko Rui.

"Crisis Staff unanimously decided" VIDEO

Minister Ruzic told TV Prva that the media is creating an image of "extreme views of both sides", which, he says, do not exist.
"We were not against what the medical part of the Crisis Staff is proposing, they are the most referenced and most invited to assess the epidemiological situation, we opened all options and made a decision. There are no two sides," Ruzic said on TV Prva.

Crisis Staff adopted plan for the school year - three teaching models VIDEO / PHOTO

The most important topic of the new session is the start of the school year, and the introduction of COVID passes will be discussed, primarily for going to cafes and bars.
"Preserving the health of all of us is the priority of all priorities," Ruzic said.

What will the new school year look like? Minister replied VIDEO

He expressed expectations that the school year will start in a regular way, emphasizing the importance of greater vaccination coverage.
"I think it is in the interest of children and parents, as well as educators and extracurricular staff, and we must approach it very responsibly," Ruzic told TV Prva.

The system is ready for children

The Minister of Education, Branko Rui, says for RTS that the educational system is ready and that it was not a place where the virus was transmitted thanks to the responsibility shown by the children and the teaching staff. He points out that there is no reason not to conduct a small graduation exam this year.