Sajid Javid

Boris Johnson about to Make Changes in the British Government

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will make changes to the government tomorrow, according to his office, cited by the France Press. These will be the first ministerial shifts in the UK since Brexit.

It is reported that Johnson wants to focus on domestic politics and reduce the number of ministers.

UK Will Allocate more than £ 2 Billion For Brexit Preparations

More than £ 2 billion will be set aside by the UK government in order for the country to prepare for it's exit from the European Union, Finance Minister Sajid Javid said, specifying that these funds will be used to recruit new border guards, secure drug supplies and launch an information campaign .

Nearly 700,000 Europeans with Permission to Stay in the UK After Brexit

Nearly 700,000 people have been granted permission to remain in the UK after Brexit, the UK Department of the Interior reported, e-mailing the Daily Mail.About 166,900 people turned to the government scheme to settle European citizens in May to secure their status after Brexit, according to statistics.


The Final Two Candidates Who May Succeed Theresa May Will Be Announced Today

Today, the two candidates for the final vote as the leader of the British Conservative Party will become known. After the last third round, four candidates survived, including Boris Johnson, who will surely end up till the final round. The second one will be set between Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gow and Sajid Javid.

France, Britain Agree Action Plan on Migrant Channel Crossings

Britain and France have agreed to boost bilateral cooperation over a spike in migrants trying to cross the Channel, the UK's Home Office said Sunday.

In the coming weeks, the two countries will increase surveillance patrols and focus on measures to dismantle trafficking gangs and improve awareness about the dangers of sea crossings in one of the world's busiest shipping lanes.