Simona Iacob

Romanian firefighters in Greece protect Profitis Ilias Monastery in Vilia

The Romanian military firefighters currently on mission in Greece have ensured, throughout Tuesday, until the early hours of Wednesday, protection against the wildfires for the Profitis Ilias Monastery in the area of Vilia. They deployed to the area with a fire engine, a cistern, an offroad vehicle, an utility terrain vehicle (UTV), and a drone.

Romanian Business Leaders: Romanian entrepreneurs demand firm measures to keep Romania open

Romanian Business Leaders organization encourages the Romanian Government to take firm action as the Romanian business environment and society as a whole can no longer afford to bear the cost of closing schools and new restrictions affecting the economy, reads a press release of the organization.

Temporary labor market of Romania, increase of over 19 pct in first half of year (analysis)

The market for temporary labor has recorded an increase of over 19 pct in the first half of the year, most employments on temporary work projects being done on entry-level profiles, according to an analysis conducted by the Association of Human Resource Services Suppliers (AFSRU).

Romanian firefighters in Greece acting to limit spread of flames in Vilia area

Romanian military firefighters on mission in Greece acted on Monday to limit the spread of flames in the Vilia area, as well as to maintain a line of protection between the fire front and the unaffected areas. "Moreover, at the request of the Greek authorities, the Romanian fire brigades supplied the fire trucks of their Greek colleagues.

PM Citu: I'm interested in keeping same tax system until 2024 the least

Prime Minister Florin Citu on Tuesday said, at a discussion with representatives of the Coalition for the Development of Romania, that he wants the tax system to remain the same at least until 2024, without tax increases. "Since our last discussion, we also have a Minister of Finance whom you could have a dialogue with.

Passage of vulnerable consumer law, one of the Liberals' priorities in the new parliamentary session

One of the National Liberal Party's priorities in the new parliamentary session, amid growing energy prices, is the passage of the vulnerable consumer law that could benefit more than 400,000 families across the country, as well as various companies, deputy floor leader of the Liberal senators Eugen Tapu-Nazare announced.

Renewable energy to be more expensive without smart infrastructure (CRE)

Wind and solar energy cannot be used at full capacity without a smart electricity transmission and distribution infrastructure, which will lead to low profitability and a higher price for consumers, said Corneliu Bodea, president of the Romanian Energy Center (CRE) and CEO of Adrem, within the "New technologies in energy" project, carried out by AGERPRES.

Iohannis: Radical ideologies, glorification of executioners, and extremist currents threaten democratic societies

President Klaus Iohannis sent, on Monday, a message on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance for Victims of Fascism and Communism, showing that the rule of law, democratic values, fundamental rights and freedoms have been won at the cost of human lives and must be defended and conveyed to the younger generations.