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IntMin Dan: Coordination of law enforcement rally intervention under on-scene supervision of a military prosecutor

Minister of Internal Affairs Carmen Dan said on Tuesday that a military prosecutor had been supervising the entire coordination of the gendarmes' intervention in the evening of August 10 at the anti-government rally in Victoriei Square.

The IntMin also rejected allegations that she had been herself involved in coordinating the actions of the Romanian Gendarmerie.

Gun snatched from woman gendarme during protest violence still missing, 30 complaints filed so far

Bucharest, Aug 13 /Agerpres/ - First prosecutor with the Military Prosecution Office attached to the Bucharest Military Tribunal Ionel Corbu said on Monday that the gun snatched from the woman gendarme who was beaten during the violent incidents at Friday's protest is still missing.

IntMin Carmen Dan: Gendarmes do not report to politicians, other aspects to be dealt with in briefing to CSAT

Minister of Internal Affairs Carmen Dan said Saturday, at the seat of the Ministry, that the gendarmes will not report to the politicians, but that if required, she will present national security aspects related to Friday's anti-government rally at a meeting of the Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT).

Bucharest anti-government rally, the aftermath of a violence-beset protest

The protest rally initiated by Romanian diaspora associations this Friday, an event beset by multiple clashes between the protesters and law enforcement, wrapped up after midnight, but even around 2:00 hrs on Saturday morning several dozen people remained near Victoriei Square, the rally venue.

Labor Minister: Pension Pillar II unchanged, 0.5 pct of money transfer fee directed to Pension Office

The new Pension Law doesn't provide for any change of Pillar II (mandatory private pension fund, ed. n.), but 0.5 pct of the fee charged by companies in this sector will be directed to the National Pension Office, Minister of Labor and Social Justice Lia Olguta Vasilescu told a press conference on Friday.

Central bank governor Isarescu: Inflation pressure persists

The National Bank of Romania (BNR) is not jubilant and does not pride itself for having won the war, it's just a battle victory, as inflation is starting to go down, but inflationary pressures persist, governor of the National Bank of Romania (BNR) Mugur Isarescu said on Wednesday at the presentation of the Report on Inflation.

President Iohannis cautions against research setback following planned passage of R&D and Innovation Ordinance

President Klaus Iohannis cautioned on Monday that research in Romania is likely to regress to the level of the '90s because of the government's plans to adopt the Ordinance on R&D and Innovation, released on the website of the Ministry in charge.

Mid-year budget deficit figures red flag risk of overshooting 3 pct year-end target (employers' confederation)

The 'Concordia' Employers Confederation expresses concern over Romania's macroeconomic balances having progressively deteriorated lately, as the 6-month budget deficit of 1.61 pct of GDP - 2.4 times higher compared to the same period of the year before - raises a red flag as to the imminent danger of overshooting the year-end target of 3 percent.

Romania starts importing Asian workforce for HoReCa, industry, agriculture (survey)

Romania-based companies operating in sectors such as HoReCa, processing, light manufacturing, agriculture, construction and services have hired in recent years foreigners from non-EU states, most of them hailing from countries with a standard of living below Romania's, shows a Smartree survey.

#DiplomaticCentennial/Lilian Zamfiroiu: Romania's taking over EU presidency, both unprecedented challenge, matching opportunity

The relations between Romania and Luxembourg are unfolding in a privileged framework of dialogue at both bilateral and European level, marked by the moment in 2007 when Luxembourg and Sibiu became European Capitals of Culture, which gave a new boost to the bilateral relationship and created a substantial bond not only between the two cities but also between the two countries, Romania's