Simona Klodnischi

EUR 10 ml budget allocation for program to stimulate participation in education of children whose parents work abroad

The Ministry of European Funds, through the Managing Authority for the Operational Program 'Human Capital' has launched for public consultation the guide "Pilot program for the stimulation of the participation in education of children whose parents work abroad".

Iohannis to Romanian ambassadors: Protecting interests of Romanians abroad should be your permanent priority

President Klaus Iohannis told the Romanian ambassadors on Tuesday that protecting the interests of Romanians outside country borders should be their permanent priority and reiterated his request to the government and the authorities to make sure that elections are organised in good conditions.

Thousands of tourists revel in music and dance at ProEtnica intercultural festival

The 17th ProEtnica intercultural festival staged in the medieval citadel of Sighisoara between August 21 and 25 was an occasion for the thousands of tourists there to sing, dance and revel in the lively and colorful atmosphere created by the performances put up by the representatives of all of Romania's recognized ethnic minorities during the largest intercultural event in the country.

PM Dancila on criteria for Justice Minister’s nomination: Politically independent, well-acquainted with magistrates’ work

Prime Minister and national leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Viorica Dancila explained the reasons behind the decision to replace Ana Birchall as Justice Minister and appoint Dana Garbovan in her place, stating that she wants the position to be held by somebody who has worked with magistrates and is also politically independent. "Of course I discussed with Mrs.

PM Dancila announces new ministerial picks: Dana Garbovan for Justice, Mihai Fifor for Interior, Iulian Iancu – Deputy PM for economic affairs

Prime Minister and national leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Viorica Dancila announced on Friday that, according to the decision of the PSD Executive Committee, Ana Birchall will be removed from the helm of the Justice Ministry, to be appointed instead as Deputy PM for the implementation of Romania's strategic partnerships.

'Carpathian Pumas' airlift helicopter detachment departing for UN mission to Mali

The Ministry of National Defense is making every effort for the highly trained personnel of the Romanian Air Force to be equipped with modern hardware, said Defense Minister Gabriel Les, attending on Monday the departure ceremony of the 'Carpathian Pumas' airlift helicopter detachment for a UN mission to Mali.

PM Dancila says coalition plans with Pro Romania dropped because of Victor Ponta's two-faced demeanor

Prime Minister and Social Democratic Party leader Viorica Dancila said that Victor Ponta's untruthful and two-faced demeanor is one of the reasons why she did not accept a cooperation with the latter's PRO Romania party.

Deputies' spending at almost 92 ml lei in first six months of the year

The deputies' spending in the first six months of the year amounts to 91,849,485 lei, shows data released on the website of the Chamber of Deputies. The month-by-month breakdown is as follows: January - 14,294,989 lei; February - 14,362,077 lei; March - 16,018,184 lei; April - 15,870,539 lei; May - 15,586,634 lei; June - 15,716,962 lei.

Romania favorably answers EC call, offers to take in migrants from Malta

Following the latest developments regarding Mediterranean migrants, Romania has favorably answered a call by the European Commission, which coordinates efforts to identify solutions for saving migrant lives, offering to take in 10 migrants from Malta, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed in a Friday statement.