Simona Klodnischi

NGOs caution real number of children left home by parents seeking work abroad is unknown

Figures about the number of children affected by the departure of their parents seeking work abroad differ from one ministry to another, and this aspect first needs to be clarified in order to find a solution, Alexandru Gulei, executive director of the Social Alternatives Association in Iasi told a debate organized by the ChildPact Coalition on Wednesday.

Romania's new automotive sales up 6.3 pct in Q1

Romania's new automotive sales were up 6.3 pct in Q1 2019 compared to the same period last year, standing at 38,253 units, the Association of Automotive Manufacturers and Importers (APIA) said in release on Tuesday. The market analysis shows that domestic sales are further mainly supported by legal entities that account for 72 pct of the total car purchases in the first three months of 2019.

On its 18th anniversary, Romanian Journalists Union launches MediaSind TV online platform

The Romanian Journalists Union launches on Friday, on its 18th anniversary, the MediaSind TV online platform, the union said in a release. "MediaSind TV, the new project to be launched today, will be an online communication platform for everyone in the big media family. MediaSind TV will be the instrument through which the voice of union members will be heard.

PM Dancila: Economic growth can also be seen in Romanians' pockets

Economic growth has also put more money in the Romanians' pockets, Premier Viorica Dancila said at the beginning of the government meeting, arguing that according to the official data, the net nominal average wage in February was by 17.9 percent higher compared to the same period last year. "Economic growth can also be seen in the Romanians' pockets.

Official statistics: 12,374 babies born this February, natural population growth negative

There were 12,374 babies born this February, 4,595 fewer than in January 2019, the National Institute of Statistics (INS) said in a Tuesday release. The number of deaths recorded this February was 22,110, by 4,726 less than in January 2019, but Romania's natural population growth stays in the negative, as the number of deaths was by 9,736 higher than live births.

PM Dancila: Gov't stands at side of Romanians everywhere, helps them know their rights and obligations

The government stands at the side of the Romanians everywhere to help them know and understand their rights and obligations, Premier Viorica Dancila said on Tuesday at the launch of the 2019 edition of the national campaign "INFORMATION at home! SAFETY around the world!" "We are launching today the third edition of the 'INFORMATION at home! StateSec Arafat: Drug use statistics point to ever-growing national market

Ministry of Internal Affairs Secretary of State Raed Arafat said at the beginning of debates of the EU Drugs Coordinators Meeting this Tuesday that statistical data on drug use and related crime points to an "ever-growing illicit national market".

Premier announces in Tulcea new program to revitalize fisheries sector

Attending on Monday in the eastern city of Tulcea the official opening of the Fish Trading Exchange, Premier Viorica Dancila also announced the launch of a new governmental program aimed at revitalizing the fisheries sector, supporting fisher families and encouraging product processing.

President Iohannis: April 8 will be a true celebration day when Roma empowerment yields expected fruits

President Klaus Iohannis sent a message on Monday on the occasion of the International Roma Day and of Romania marking Roma Ethnics Day, pointing out that this will be a true celebration day "when the economic, social and cultural empowerment of the Roma will yield the expected fruits." "On the occasion of Roma Ethnics Day, I give my salute to the members of the Roma community in our country.

Embassies of 12 states call on Bucharest authorities to avoid changes that would weaken rule of law

The embassies of twelve states that are Romania's international partners and allies, including France, the US and Germany, express concerns about the rule of law in Romania and call on all parties involved in drafting emergency government ordinances modifying justice sector laws "to avoid changes that would weaken the rule of law and Romania's ability to fight crime or corruption".