Simona Klodnischi

#EuropeanElections2019/BEC - partial results: PNL - 26.71pct, PSD - 22.85pct, USR - PLUS 2020 Alliance - 21.49pct

The National Liberal Party (PNL) garnered 26.71 percent of the votes in Sunday's election to the European Parliament, the Social Democratic Party (PSD) reaped 23.16 percent and the Save Romania Union (USR) - PLUS 2020 Alliance got 21.34 percent of the votes, shows partial data released by the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) on Tuesday.

Partial referendum count: More than 2 million said 'Yes' to both questions

Data centralised by the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) as of Monday at 14:27hrs, EEST, indicated that 2,702,719 people voted "Yes" to question No. 1 and 2,642,172 said "Yes" to question No. 2 of Sunday's justice referendum. Answering "No" to question No. 1 were 461,381 voters, and 442,507 voters gave the same answer to question No. 2.

#EuropeanElections2019/Foreign Affairs Ministry: All 441 polling stations abroad operational, working normally

All 441 polling stations opened abroad are operational and working normally, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported on Sunday. "Apart from isolated technical incidents that were quickly remedied, in the early morning hours all activities in the diaspora polling stations are running within the normal parameters.

#Europeanelections2019/BEC spokesman: Control stamp on ballot paper's first page or elsewhere, no reason to invalidate ballot

The polling station's control stamp having been applied anywhere else than on the last page of the ballot paper is no reason to invalidate the ballot, Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) spokesman Marian Muhulet said on Sunday. He specified that the ballot papers stamped on the first page or elsewhere are not void and will therefore not be invalidated at the vote count that starts after 21:00 hrs.

#Europeanelections2019/President Iohannis on Day of Romanians Everywhere: Diaspora voting for Romania's future

President Klaus Iohannis posted a message on Facebook on the occasion of the Day of Romanians Everywhere, stating that the diaspora votes for Romania's future. "On the Day of Romanians Everywhere, the diaspora votes for the future of Romania!," Iohannis wrote, releasing also several photos with the queues at the polling stations opened for out-of-country Romanians.

#Europeanelections2019/Internal Affairs Ministry: 11 sanctions issued, 2,900 lei worth of fines imposed since voting start

Since the start of the voting process this Sunday, Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) staff have imposed 11 sanctions - six warnings and five fines worth a combined 2,900 lei, Ministry spokesperson Monica Dajbog announced. Police are currently investigating six offenses. "There haven's been any special public order incidents in the six hours since the start of the voting process.

#Europeanelections2019/Internal Affairs Ministry: More than 570 multiple vote alerts, possibility of error is being considered

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) received more than 570 alerts on potential multiple vote cases and following checks, the Ministry sent the Special Telecommunications Service a notification about the possibility of error in the way the voters' ballot-casting options are being selected, Ministry spokesperson Monica Dajbog announced on Sunday.

BNR governor Isarescu: Romania seriously harmed by avalanche of negative news about London gold stash

The avalanche of negative news about Romania's international gold stash in London has seriously harmed the country, has dented the credibility of both Romania and the National Bank, and keeping the entire gold reserve in the country would not bring any benefit, governor of the National Bank of Romania (BNR) Mugur Isarescu said on Friday.

BNR governor: We should make a film about treasure sent to Moscow, have Viasat History air it

A book should be written or a film should be made about the Romanian treasure that was transferred to Moscow for safekeeping and send it to Viasat History channel, as this is about the history of no less than 92 tons of gold, governor of the National Bank of Romania (BNR) Mugur Isarescu this Thursday told the "Cristian Popisteanu" Symposium themed "The BNR Treasure Evacuated to Moscow - a Histo

Premier Dancila: Gov't to remove building permit requirement for FDI-funded projects' documentation

Premier Viorica Dancila said on Wednesday in Bacau that the government will adopt at its Thursday meeting a regulatory act that scraps the building permit requirement for the documentation submitted for projects funded through the Development and Investment Fund (FDI).