Simona Klodnischi

Romanian, Spanish Prime Ministers discuss economic exchanges, Schengen

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila, who is on a two-day visit to the Kingdom of Spain, met on Thursday with President of the Government of Spain Pedro Sanchez; the two officials discussed economic exchanges, road and rail infrastructure cooperation and Romania's bid to join the Schengen, the government said in a release.

Liberals' motion: Immediate resignation of IntMin, Gendarmerie management as national security priority

In the simple motion titled "PSD truncheons hitting Romanian democracy in the face" filed on Wednesday with the Chamber of Deputies, the Liberals call for the immediate resignation of Interior Minister Carmen Dan and of the Gendarmerie leadership.

Cartel Alfa leader: 65 pct of employees to collect minimum retirement benefit under new pension bill

According to the new pension bill, about 65 percent of the employees will only collect the minimum pension, president of the 'Cartel Alfa' National Trade Union Confederation Bogdan Hossu told a press conference in Zalau on Wednesday.

Maior on tossed out allegations: Asked SRI oversight committee to seek evidence, hear Dragnea, Ponta

Former Director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) and current Ambassador of Romania to the US George Maior announced that he asked the parliamentary committee on the oversight of SRI's activity to "seriously reflect on the multiple allegations tossed out about illegal interceptions, covert officers, incompatibilities, pressure put on justice," and seek evidence and hear others,

Prosecutors order forensic probe of ammunition, containers taken from Gendarmerie

Military prosecutors ordered the forensic probe of the tear gas and irritant incapacitants present in the ammunition and containers taken from the headquarters of the Romanian Gendarmerie as part of ongoing investigations into the gendarmes' use of force during the August 10 protest.

Gov't ordinance supporting public local administration to carry out EU-funded projects

The government approved at the sitting this Thursday an ordinance providing support to local authorities with carrying out projects financed from European funds, government spokesperson Nelu Barbu announced in a release. He added that the regulatory act was promoted by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration.

Emergency Department head on post-rally response: No false, erroneous, over-the-top data, but just reality-grounded information

Head of the Department for Emergency Situations (DSU) Raed Arafat said in an interview with AGERPRES that the information provided by the Department on the effects of tear gas exposure in the context of the August 10 rally were not intended whatsoever to support one camp or the other, but only to present data of public interest.

Social Democrat turned-maverick Senator Ecaterina Andronescu: PSD can give far better performing governments

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) can give far better performing governments, and this is listed as the second reason in the open letter where PSD Senator Ecaterina Andronescu calls for the resignation of the party's leadership, Andronescu told the Adevarul Live webcast on Monday.

Liberal leader Orban: Dancila's mind-boggling lying in official documents shows she must quit

Chairman of the Opposition's National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban argues that by the letter addressed to the Brussels officials Premier Viorica Dancila does nothing else but "lie" and "execute antidemocratic orders", and that for this reason she must step down.