Simona Klodnischi

PM Orban on Ditrau anti-foreigner sentiment flare-up case: Seeking observance of law, fundamental rights and freedoms

Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, said on Monday that the authorities have taken efficient action in the Ditrau (Harghita County) case and that compliance with the law and the fundamental rights and freedoms of the citizens are being pursued in this situation.

Brexit Day feature story: People divided over what's happening tonight - celebration and bitterness

AGERPRES special correspondent Oana Ghita reports: Banners reading "Lead with facts, not leave with lies", "Let's make Brexit!", UK and EU flags - some stylized with lights instead of stars - were some of the props a group of several dozen gathered on Thursday evening near the British Parliament used to add some drama to their campaign.

Eduard Novak lands bronze at Para-cycling Track World Championships in Canada

Romania's only Paralympic champion Eduard Novak on Thursday won the bronze medal in the C4 1km time trial at the Para-cycling Track World Championships in Milton (Canada). Novak, a multiple world medalist who also chairs the Romanian Cycling Federation, landed a podium spot in this event for the first time in his career.

PM Orban: Government's mission is to make school better for Romania's future

The Government's mission is to make school better for the future of Romania, and the government's actions must be focused on several major directions identified in the "Educated Romania" project, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban told the conference "Educated Romania - Public policies and Coordination of Funding Sources" organized on Wednesday by the Presidential Administration.

POST-REVOLUTION ROMANIA, 1990: Creation of the Democratic Agrarian Party of Romania (PDAR)

The Democratic Agrarian Party of Romania (PDAR) came into being on January 29, 1990 under ruling No. 22 of the Bucharest Municipal Court, as a center political formation with an agrarian doctrine, shows the volume ''Romania, date şi fapte.1989-2009''/Romania, Dates and Facts.1989-2009'' (published by the AGERPRES National News Agency, 2010).

Defense Minister in Portugal; sets steps for purchase of next five F-16 fighter jets

Minister of National Defense Nicolae Ciuca was in Portugal for a two-day official visit at the invitation of his counterpart, Joao Gomes Cravinho, to set the main steps for the strengthening of the Romanian Air Force F-16 multirole aircraft fleet by the purchase of the next five fighter jets, the Defence Ministry said in a release.

UPDATE Romania's end-2019 budget deficit at 4.6 pct of GDP

Romania closed 2019 with a budget deficit of 4.6 percent of GDP, above the authorities' November estimation, when the second budget adjustment was operated, Finance Minister Florin Citu announced on Tuesday. The only time with a wider budget gap was the crisis year of 2010, when the government ran a deficit of 6.5 percent of GDP. In 2018 the budget deficit was 2.88 percent of GDP.