Slavi Trifonov

Political Consultations Convened by President Radev Completed

Political Consultations with parties represented in the new National Assembly with the President Rumen Radev continued throughout the day.

Before opening the first meeting Radev addressed the parties, saying:

"I call on you and all parliamentary groups to bear responsibility - without shaking it off, but without going beyond your commission."

Bulgaria: President Starts Consultations with Parties on Government Formation

Today, April 19, the President calls representatives of the parliamentary parties for consultations on the formation of a new cabinet.

During the day, the head of state will meet with all six parties.

First in turn are the representatives of GERB-UDF. The following are "There Is Such a People", BSP, MRF, Democratic Bulgaria and Stand Up! Mafiosi out!""

Bulgaria: Slavi Trifonov Breaks Silence, Comments on Majority Voting and GERB

In a post on Facebook, leader of There Is Such a People (ITN) Slavi Trifonov, who is currently under mandatory quarantine and yesterday was sworn in as an MP online, responded to GERB's initiative to start their new parliamentary term from moving a draft bill on the majority vote and blaming ITN for having given up on this initiative.

There Is Such A People Party Gives Up on Majority Voting System

This parliament is six months late, commented the representative of the second largest group in the 45th National Assembly.

"There Is Such A People " (ITN) will not submit a proposal to change the electoral system and a majority vote, it became clear from the statement of the party's representative at the opening of the 45th National Assembly Toshko Yordanov.

Bulgaria: Protest in Front of Parliament Building Staged amid New MPs’ Swearing-in Ceremony

Protesters gathered in front of the old parliament building with the inscription "Unity Makes Strength", where the solemn opening session of the newly elected 45th National Assembly begins. They demanded that parliament dissolve itself, new elections and a caretaker government.

Bulgaria: Why Slavi and His Team Still Keep Silent?

These days, I accidentally overheard a conversation: "Well, will Slavi Trifonov keep quiet further?" a woman asked. "What can a man do when he doesn't know what to say," her companion replied, laughing. Yes, this explanation for the silence and low profile of the party, which managed to win the second most seats in the new parliament, sounds like a joke.