Stavros Theodorakis

ND slams government for failing to crack down on far-left violence

Greece's conservative opposition on Wednesday slammed the SYRIZA government for failing to crack down on far-left violence.

The criticism came hours after a vandalism attack on the home of the US ambassador to Athens that was carried out by members of the anti-establishment group Rouvikonas (Greek for Rubicon).

The cost of reality

History is littered with all manner of what-ifs, which remain unanswered and are only discussed by historians and armchair pundits.

I was thinking the other day how different things would have turned out for Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Greece if he had been wiser in his selection of coalition partners and government officials from the outset.

Theoharopoulos keeps cards close to chest on possible move to Potami

Amid speculation about his possible move to centrist Potami following his ejection from the Movement for Change (KINAL) coalition, Thanassis Theoharopoulos held his cards close to his chest on Monday, commenting that he has a "good relationship" with Potami and its leader Stavros Theodorakis.

Centrist Potami MP Giorgos Amyras quits, stripping party of status as parliamentary group

Centrist Potami MP Giorgos Amyras resigned on Monday to become an independent, citing differences with the party's leadership on the Macedonia name issue and stripping the party of its status as a parliamentary group. 

Amyras's departure reduced the party's representation in Parliament to four -- below the minimum of five required for an elected party to be represented in Parliament.