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Political Crisis in Romania : Government Falls after No-confidence Motion

Political Crisis in Romania : government Falls after No-confidence[H1]   motion

Romanian Prime Minister Florin Citu of the governing National Liberal Party was ousted Tuesday after a no-confidence motion in his government passed overwhelmingly, deepening an ongoing political crisis.

USR's Barna: Florin Citu seemed a reforming PM at time of this coalition's establishment

The co-chair of the Save Romania Union - Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity (USR PLUS) Dan Barna stated on Monday that, at the moment of establishing the governing coalition, Florin Citu seemed to be "a reforming Prime Minister", closer to Romania's need for change.

Ministers Resign from Romanian Govt as Political Crisis Deepens

Ministers from the USR-PLUS party resigned from the cabinet on Tuesday after Prime Minister Florin Citu dismissed Justice Minister Stelian Ion, an USR PLUS member.

"We have registered and submitted the resignations, together with the USR-PLUS ministers, at the premier's office. We are moving forward,' Dan Barna, the co-president of USR-PLUS, wrote on Facebook.

USR PLUS says it has 80 votes for motion of censure: Florin Citu has to go

The Save Romania Union - Freedom, Unity and Solidarity Party (USR PLUS) alliance, junior in the ruling coalition, says that 80 of its MPs have signed the motion of censure and that this step can be avoided only if Florin Citu no longer holds the position of prime minister.

Justice Minister’s Dismissal Puts Romanian Coalition at Risk

The dismissal of the Justice Minister, Stelian Ion, on Wednesday by Prime Minister Florin Citu may trigger the break-up of the governing coalition in Romania and a major political crisis in the country.

Prime Minister Florin Citu announced the dismissal of Ion from the Justice Ministry, saying that he will not accept ministers in the government opposed to Romania's development.

JusMin Ion: I have received hints that selecting chief prosecutors should be done by someone else

Justice Minister Stelian Ion said on Thursday that he received suggestions that "it is not okay" for him to coordinate the selection of candidates for these chief prosecutor positions, as that should be done by someone else, "in order to get a preset outcome." "I have started the selection procedure of candidates for these chief prosecutor positions.