Stevo Pendarovski

Bulgarian MEP: The Statement of North Macedonia’s President repeats the Hateful Rhetoric against Bulgaria

"The statement of the Macedonian president repeats the theses of the RNM for many years, that it is an insult against the Macedonian identity and the Macedonian people, if you say things that are related to the objective reading of history - for example, if you say that Gotse Delchev is a Bulgarian, born in Bulgaria family.

North Macedonia’s President: Ban One MEP and Several other Bulgarians from Entering the Country

North Macedonia's President Stevo Pendarovski proposed to the government, according to the law on foreigners, "that one MEP from Bulgaria and several other persons from Bulgaria be banned from entering the country, because of their previous and ongoing actions against" North Macedonia.

North Macedonia president sees Western Balkans as European security ‘soft spot’

North Macedonia's president described the Western Balkans on Tuesday as a soft spot in Europe's security architecture and ripe for potential influence campaigns by Russia.

"The soft spot in Europe's architecture and danger from the Kremlin is the Western Balkans," President Stevo Pendarovski told an event at the World Economic Forum.

Macedonian Cultural Club was Opened Today in Bulgaria – Without Provocations or Hatred

A Macedonian cultural club was opened today in Blagoevgrad. Unlike the opening of the Bulgarian clubs in North Macedonia ("Tsar Boris" III in Ohrid and "Ivan Mihailov" in Bitola), everything happened without provocations from the Bulgarian side.

North Macedonia’s President: Only Macedonians with Low Self-Esteem are Afraid of "Bulgarianization"

"The threat of 'Bulgarianization' is a fiction of the opposition with the aim of instilling fear among Macedonians", believes the president of our southwestern neighbor, Stevo Pendarovski. He announced this in an interview with the local publication "Trilling".