Svetozar Georgiev

Herro Mustafa: Bulgarian Medical Professionals and Community Volunteers have Shown Remarkable Strength

"United against COVID-19" will support projects that assist vulnerable groups affected by the crisis, including medical staff, people with disabilities, the elderly, children, minorities, the homeless, the unemployed, single parents and others, the US Embassy in Bulgaria reported.

Bulgarian Start-up, Created Last Year, has Attracted BGN 1 Million of Investment

The Bulgarian start-up company, Payhawk, has attracted investments of 1 million leva after a new round of financing. The financial technology company, which offers digital cost management solutions for small businesses has 9 different investors, reports

Burgas University Hospital Launched a Blood Donation Campaign

With the project "You've never did this" The University Hospital in Burgas challenges the graduates from the city to donate blood before their prom. Thus, young people can save many lives. This was reported by the Bulgarian National Television. 

Many young people have no attitude to blood donation.

Communist-Era Apple II Clones 'Helped Shape Central Europe's IT Sector'

Bulgaria and Romania can partly trace the roots of their current tech boom to the communist years and "the romantic era of home computing", a recent article says.

At the time, Bulgaria and Romania's school curricula "were packed with math, electronics, and physics" due to the need for skilled professionals who could "reverse-engineer" Western technology.

Novinite Invites You to 2014 Personality in the News Awards Ceremony on Monday

Bulgaria's largest English-language media outlet (Sofia News Agency) and the Bulgarian-language news service kindly invite you to the awards ceremony of their 2014 Personality in the News annual polls.

The awards ceremony will take place at Sofia Art Gallery located at 1, Gen. Gurko Str.

The event will start at 6 p.m. on Monday, 23 March 2015.