Cooperation between Cyprus and Greece ‘more necessary than ever’

Vassilis Nedos, Kathimerini's diplomatic and defense editor, joins Thanos Davelis to look at the significance of Christodoulides' visit to Athens, break down whether the lull in Ankara's aggressive behavior that we are seeing is temporary or here to stay, and look at Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias' recent trip to Kosovo.

The stakes in Turkey’s elections: From Turkish democracy to the Aegean

Turkey's elections are drawing the attention of the world, and many - including The Economist - are describing them as the country's last chance for democracy. Expert Steven Cook joins Thanos Davelis to look at the stakes involved in these elections, from what they could mean for Turkey's democracy to key issues like the sale of US F-16s or tensions in the Aegean.

Four Athens University Medical School professors answer questions about life after COVID-19 vax

Those who have completed their vaccination against COVID-19, whether the two-dose or one version, are less likely to be infected, to come down with a serious case of the virus if they are, and to transmit it to others.

That means that individuals who are vaccinated can gradually resume activities that they were forced to avoid in order to keep themselves and others safe.