Theresa May

Corbyn, Farage and Sturgeon Have All Opposed the New Brexit Deal

Britain's main opposition formation - the Labor Party - cannot support the Brexit deal agreed between the European Union and the British government today, said its leader Jeremy Corbyn, quoted by Reuters and France press.

"From what we know, it seems the Prime Minister has negotiated an even worse deal than Theresa May's, which was overwhelmingly rejected.

The British Government Presents a Detailed Plan for Brexit

The British Government will present a detailed updated plan for Brexit. In the next few days, the details of the text are expected to be made public. The time for London's negotiations with the EU is coming to an end with the European Council in Brussels on 17 October. It is expected to make clear how the UK will leave the EU at the end of the month.

UK Will Suspend the Freedom of Movement Immediately after Brexit

Britain will immediately suspend the freedom of movement for European Union people after Brexit on October 31st.

"Freedom of movement as it currently stands will end on October 31 when the UK leaves the EU.

"So, for example, we will introduce, immediately, much tougher criminality rules for people entering the UK."

Boris Johnson During His First Speech: Britain Will be the Greatest Place in the World After Brexit

The new British prime minister, Boris Johnson, said in his first speech in Parliament that Brexit would turn Britain into the greatest place in the world, BTA reported.
He also said that London will not nominate a candidate for EU commissioner to the new EC staff.

Boris Johnson is the New UK Prime Minister

Former London Mayor and engineer of Brocott Boris Johnson was announced today as the next UK prime minister and new Conservative Party leader.

He won in-house elections among 160,000 members of the Tories with 92,153 votes. 

Johnson (55) will officially take over the post of prime minister tomorrow.

Challenges to the new prime minister

Ursula von der Leyen: The European Union does not Want a Hard Brexit

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said she would extend the negotiation term for Brexit if London gives a good reason for that, Reuters reported.

In an interview with several European newspapers, including the German Zeitung, von der Leyen said the EU will wait for the new British Prime Minister to be elected first and then try to negotiate.