Epidemiologist confirmed: There are two scenarios

"This is no longer a health problem. I must say, I personally said that we must urgently carry out very strict control of punitive measures and very extensive vaccination. And the worst-case scenario has come true, and we are now in a situation where this is socio-psychological issue".
Tiodorovic said that the main problem was the poor vaccination response of Serbian citizens.

3.524 newly infected

15 people died.
There are currently 79 patients on respirators.
The number of infected people is growing day by day, and the authorities are appealing to the citizens to receive the vaccine because that is the only way to bring the epidemic under control.

"Next week will be very difficult"

He estimated that next week will be very difficult, but that there will be a slight calming down at the end of the week.
Tiodorovi said on RTS that the epidemiological situation in Serbia is very serious, extraordinary, and in some parts of Serbia, especially in big cities, it is catastrophic.