Tom Cruise

SpaceX opens era of amateur astronauts, cosmic movie sets

SpaceX's debut astronaut launch is the biggest, most visible opening shot yet in NASA's grand plan for commercializing Earth's backyard.

Amateur astronauts, private space stations, flying factories, out-of-this-world movie sets this is the future the space agency is striving to shape as it eases out of low-Earth orbit and aims for the moon and Mars.

"Mission Impossible" Movie Shoot Canceled due to the Coronavirus in Italy

Hollywood giant Paramount Pictures halts a planned three-week "Mission Impossible" shoot in Italy because of a coronavirus in Italy, AFP and Reuters reported.

The star of the series Tom Cruise has not yet traveled to Italy and does not intend to go there under the current circumstances.

Quentin Tarantino Announced a Premiere Date for his Upcoming Film

Renowned American director Quentin Tarantino will release his ninth film on August 9, 2018, when is the 50th anniversary of the murder of actress Sharon Tate, the DPA reported.

On that date, half a century ago, Roman Polanski's wife, who was in an advanced pregnancy, was barbaric slaughtered by the followers of Charles Manson's sect.

The 15 ugliest nationalities in the world! (photos)

Bad news everyone. You know how statistics and the internet do an amazing job at capturing reality? Well, the two recently combined their powers of assessment and aimed them unforgivingly at your face. Internet dating, perhaps the highest authority on beauty, has just released an exclusive, damning report on how ugly you are.

The Hungarian Police are Investigating Scientologists

Hungarian police began an investigation against the Scientology Church, media reported in the country. The representation of the church in Budapest was searched by 50 policemen. There are alerts for committed crimes, including misuse of personal data. So far, no details have been provided about the operation.