Vassilis Kaskarelis

Foreign Minister Kaskarelis congratulates Erdogan at Ankara swearing-in ceremony

Foreign Minister Vassilis Kaskarelis has personally congratulated Tayyip Erdogan on his reinauguration as Turkish president, on the sidelines of a dinner for the representatives of foreign governments who attended the swearing-in ceremony in Ankara, the Foreign Ministry has said.

Kaskarelis was representing the caretaker Greek government at the ceremony.

Albanian court upholds detention of ethnic Greek mayor-elect

A Court of Appeal in Tirana extended the pretrial detention of the ethnic Greek mayor-elect of Himare who was arrested over an alleged election crime, state-run broadcaster ERT reported on Thursday.

Fredi Beleri was detained just two days before local elections that were held in southern Albania on May 14 over alleged voter bribery but still won the mayoral race. 

Kaskarelis requests the release of ethnic Greek mayor-elect, aide

Foreign Minister Vassilis Kaskarelis asked for the release of two ethnic Greek men who were imprisoned during a mayoral election campaign in Albania at a meeting with the country's counterpart Olta Xhacka, diplomatic sources said on Thursday.

The request was made on the sidelines of the informal Summit of NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs taking place in Oslo.