Vesselin Mareshki

Four of the Six Investigated Bulgarian MPs will Give up Immunity Voluntarily

Four of the six investigated MPs said they would give up their immunity voluntarily. Only Volya's leader Vesselin Mareshki and the MPs from his party Krastina Taskova have not decided yet. They, however, consider themselves innocent and sees political interference in the actions of the prosecutor's office.

Vesselin Mareshki

Case against MP Mareshki and His Team Will Not Be Over Soon, Prosecution Says

''The case against the MPs from Volya party Veselin Mareshki, Plamen Hristov and Krastina Taskova will not be over soon'', Roumyana Arnaudova, the spokesperson of Bulgaria's Chief Prosecutor, told BNT morning programme "The Day Begins" on 26th of June.

According to the prosecutor's office, many actions are to be carried out and more than 80 people should be interviewed.

Nazi Storms Shake Bulgaria's New Govt

Valery Simeonov, a deputy to Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, overseeing the economy and demography, on Friday said he will not accept demands for his resignation from three opposition parties - the Bulgarian Socialist Party, the ethnic-Turkish Movement for Rights and Freedoms, and Volya, led by the businessman Vesselin Mareshki.