Viktor Orban

Day 98 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Russia blows up Nitric Acid Tank in Sievierodonetsk, Mariupol Port Resumes Operations

Here are the highlights of events related to the war in Ukraine over the past 24 hours:

The Russians took "most" of a key eastern city

Russian forces are taking control of most of the eastern Ukrainian city of Sievierodonetsk, the regional governor said.

Day 97 of the Invasion of Ukraine: US denies Kyiv Long-Range Missiles, EU with Compromise Oil Embargo

The United States has denied Ukraine long-range missiles, the EU with a compromise oil embargo, the Netherlands is running out of gas. Here are the highlights of events related to the war in Ukraine over the past 24 hours:

Russian forces advance in Sievierodonetsk

EU Leaders have Backed an Embargo on more than Two-Thirds of Russian Oil Imports

European Union leaders have backed an embargo on "more than two-thirds" of Russian oil imports, European Council President Charles Michel was quoted as saying on Twitter.

During the ongoing summit in Brussels, Michel also commented that the maximum pressure on Russia will end the war, and the oil embargo cuts a huge source of funding for the military machine.

Diesel and Gasoline more Expensive for Foreigners in Hungary

Only drivers of cars with Hungarian registration plates will be able to refuel with petrol and oil at a lower, limited price, said the head of the office of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Gergely Gulyas. For foreigners, fuels will be sold at a premium, depending on the market price of fuels. The measure comes into force today, May 27. Today, the markup on foreigners is 42 percent.

Czech Protest Group Fights Dictators with Papier-Mache Monsters

Grotesque, crude and clearly insulting, the puppets are designed to grab attention and burst despotic bubbles. Meanwhile, Central European populists serving Moscow and Beijing's interests, like Czech President Milos Zeman and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, metamorphosise into giant slugs eating the lettuce leaf of democracy.

Ukraine War Feeds Dreams of Hungarian Far-Right Reclaiming Lost Land

"We can never give up on the Hungarians living there and our abducted territories," he tells BIRN, advocating a stealthy approach, "just gently, carefully, diplomatically, step by step", for a revanchist policy that would, if put in practice, represent a major geopolitical shock in Eastern Europe.