Vlad Plahotniuc

Diplomatic Intervention Breaks Moldova’s Political Deadlock

The pro-European political bloc ACUM and the pro-Russian Socialist Party, PSRM, held talks on Tuesday about the possibility of establishing a new parliamentary majority in Moldova after almost three months of political deadlock.

The negotiations started after US, EU and Russian officials visited Moldova on Monday.

Pro-Europeans Take on Moldova's 'Old Guard' in Election

All the main political parties in Moldova on Wednesday or Thursday submitted their lists of candidates to the Central Electoral Commission for the parliamentary elections due on February 24.

Under the new and controversial "mixed" electoral system, half the winning candidates for the 101 seats will come from party lists and half will be elected in constituencies.

Moldova Seeks to Warm Ties With Moscow

A Moldovan diplomatic mission will arrive in Moscow on Thursday for the first inter-ministerial talks since April 2017, when Moldova froze ties with Russia after accusing Russia of trying to kill the ruling pro-Western Democratic Party's leader, Vlad Plahotniuc.

Moldova also claimed that its officials were harassed by the Russian authorities every time they visited the country.