Vlad Voiculescu

USR's Barna: Florin Citu seemed a reforming PM at time of this coalition's establishment

The co-chair of the Save Romania Union - Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity (USR PLUS) Dan Barna stated on Monday that, at the moment of establishing the governing coalition, Florin Citu seemed to be "a reforming Prime Minister", closer to Romania's need for change.

Ministers Resign from Romanian Govt as Political Crisis Deepens

Ministers from the USR-PLUS party resigned from the cabinet on Tuesday after Prime Minister Florin Citu dismissed Justice Minister Stelian Ion, an USR PLUS member.

"We have registered and submitted the resignations, together with the USR-PLUS ministers, at the premier's office. We are moving forward,' Dan Barna, the co-president of USR-PLUS, wrote on Facebook.

USR PLUS Co-Chair Barna: For us all options are on the table

Co-Chairman of the Save Romania - Freedom, Unity, and Solidarity Party (USR PLUS) Dan Barna said on Wednesday that all options are on the table for his formation. "For us, all options are on the table. We will see how discussions evolve in the following hours and in the government sitting tonight," Dan Barna declared at the House of Parliament at the end of a meeting of USR PLUS lawmakers.

Deputy PM Barna: Discrepancies in reporting of COVID-19 deaths - real problem, but not conspiracy

The different reports in the medical system of COVID-19 deaths represent a real problem, however a technical one, not someone's "conspiracy", Deputy Prime Minister Dan Barna told Tuesday evening private broadcaster B1TV. "It is a technical matter, my colleague [Minister of Health, Ioana Mihaila - ed.n.] answered very clearly how those figures were generated.

President Iohannis: Tonight, I think we will have investiture ceremony of new Minister of Health

President Klaus Iohannis believes that health care reform is needed and intervention is necessary to make hospitals more efficient and safer, adding that he will talk more about these things on Wednesday night when the ceremony for the appointment of the new Minister of Health will be held.

Liberal head Orban: No PM replacement just because party unhappy with sacking of poorly performing minister

Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban voiced on Saturday his appreciation and support for Prime Minister Florin Citu, pointing out that the latter's decision to sack Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu was "indispensable and appropriate, laying the groundwork for an enhanced performance of the government in health care".

Voiculescu: There are fundamental differences between reported and actual numbers of deaths

Recently-dismissed Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu said on Friday that "there are fundamental differences" between reported and actual numbers of deaths in Romania's COVID hospitals, arguing that the Unifarm national drugs corporation is "one of the biggest robberies of the pandemic." He invited Prime Minister Florin Citu to take up these issues and to review the reporting of deaths in COVID ho

Voiculescu: My tenure was 113 days, 113 days of tenure and clash of mentalities

 Recently-dismissed Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu says his office tenure 113 days, "113 days of tenure and clash of mentalities."      "My tenure ended two days ago, and that put an end to a series of 113 days, 113 days of tenure and 113 days, if you will, of clash of mentalities. I don't think it's anything new.

PM Citu appoints Andrei Baciu acting health minister

Prime Minister Florin Citu has delegated his office duties as acting health minister to senior official with the Ministry of Health Andrei Baciu, official sources have told AGERPRES. On Wednesday, Citu took over as acting health minister after he had previously dismissed health minister Vlad Voiculescu and Deputy Prime Minister Dan Barna refused to be the acting health minister.

Deputy PM Barna: Florin Citu has gratuitously generated major political crisis

Deputy PM Dan Barna maintains that the prime minister "has gratuitously generated a major political crisis, perfectly avoidable, for a mean ego victory." "Florin Citu has decided to publicly announce the dismissal of a USR PLUS minister while we were discussing mature options to solve the differences.