Vladimir Pelov

Officially: The Escaped Prisoner Pelov was Killed in a Shootout in Botevgrad

The fugitive, Vladimir Pelov, was killed in the shootout last night in Botevgrad, regional prosecutor Natalia Nikolova announced at a press conference. Around 11pm on Tuesday in Botevgrad center Pelov was killed in a shootout and another man was injured -  Mario Panchev, who is in a serious condition at the Pirogov hospital in Sofia.

There is still no Trace of the Escaped Prisoners

100 signals were filed with the Ministry of Interior for the two fugitives wanted over Easter, Nova TV reported, citing sources from the interior ministry.

So far all have proved to be unfounded, and there is no sign of Vladimir Pelov and Radoslav Kolev. They have been missing for six days since the armed men attacked the guards and escaped from the Sofia Central Prison.

Police is Still Searching the Two Dangerous Criminals Who Escaped From the Central Sofia Prison

There is no trace of the two dangerous criminals who escaped from the Central Sofia prison. The search continues. It is already nationwide.

Vladimir Pelov and Radoslav Kolev escaped through the central entrance of the prison after they went to take a shipment in a special room for this purpose, where they attacked and threatened the guard.