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"Lex Ukraine"

Although the tradition of Swiss neutrality dates back to the 16th century, the war in Ukraine and the country's insistence on not getting involved in the war that threatens the EU has irritated many.

Defense Minister: There is No Direct Threat to Bulgaria from the Use of Nuclear Weapons

Acting Minister of Defense Dimitar Stoyanov announced to "Nova TV" that there is no direct threat to Bulgaria in case of possible use of nuclear weapons in the military conflict in Ukraine. In his words, nuclear weapons can end the war, but with that, they can end the world. That is why, according to him, it is a final option.

Hungarian parliament ratifies Finland NATO accession

The Hungarian parliament, dominated by Prime Minister Viktor Orban's right-wing Fidesz party, ratified Finland's NATO membership Monday after months of diplomatically charged delay.

A large majority of lawmakers -- 182 votes for versus six against -- approved the accession of the Nordic country into the military alliance.

The Russian "Poseidon" will arrive in a little while; The Pacific Ocean will be full

This was reported today by the Russian state news agency TASS.
It is recalled that in January of this year, Moscow announced that it had produced the first set of "Poseidon" torpedoes, four years after Vladimir Putin announced a new type of strategic nuclear weapon, confirming that it would have its own power supply.

Putin says Russia will station tactical nukes in Belarus

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced plans on Saturday to station tactical nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus, a warning to the West as it steps up military support for Ukraine.

Putin said the move was triggered by Britain's decision this past week to provide Ukraine with armor-piercing rounds containing depleted uranium.