North Macedonia Would-be Presidents Hunt Undecided Voters

Pendarovski's slogan, "Forward Together", and Siljanovska's slogan, "Justice for Macedonia - the Fatherland Calls", reflect these two opposed narratives.

But both blocs share one common a concern - that not enough undecided voters will support either contestant.

Their absence on April 21 could put the required electoral threshold for the election, of 40 per cent, in jeopardy.

Macedonia Referendum Records Low Turnout, Both Sides Claim Victory

Macedonia's Prime Minister Zoran Zaev announced he will forge ahead with his bid to pass the 'name' agreement with Greece through parliament, despite his "yes" campaign failing to draw enough voters to pass the turnout threshold required to make Sunday's historic referendum legally valid.

Macedonia Approves Landmark Friendship Treaty with Bulgaria

Despite a boycott by VMRO DPMNE, Macedonia's right-wing main opposition party, 61 of the parliament's 120 MPs voted for the agreement. The landmark accord was signed in August 2017 and aims to end the often fraught bilateral relationship between Skopje and Sofia and bring the two countries closer through an EU-oriented partnership.

Macedonia Opposition Chief Struggles to Unite Party

Macedonia's main opposition VMRO DPMNE party insists that its MPs' caucus in parliament stands united behind the new party chief, Hristijan Mickoski, elected in December - despite growing evidence to the contrary.

"The caucus is strong and united. All MPs are actively participating in the decision-making process within the organs of the party," VMRO DPMNE told BIRN on Thursday.

Tensions With BESA Threaten Macedonia's Social Democrats

Macedonia's main ruling party, the Social Democrats, and the ethnic Albanian BESA party have exchanged a series of mutual accusations and warnings.

The dispute erupted after the Social Democrats, the SDSM, decided to openly support BESA's bitter Albanian rivals in the Democratic Union for Integration, DUI, in the October 15 local elections.

Hungary's Orban Cheers For Gruevski in Macedonia Election

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Slovenia's former PM Janez Jansa have given a hearty boost to Macedonia's ousted leader Nikola Gruevski in the run-up to Macedonia's local elections.

In the resort town of Ohrid, the three of them held a joint press conference accompanied by some of Gruevski's VMRO DPMNE mayoral candidates.