CCR: Priority principle to applying EU law, not to be perceived in sense of removing or disregarding national constitutional identity

The priority principle for the application of European law must not be perceived in the sense that national constitutional identity is removed or disregarded, shows the reason for the decision by which the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) rejected a series of exceptions and decided that several articles of the law that refer to the establishment and operationalization of the Section for th

COVID-19 vaccination campaign: 41,554 people immunised in last 24 hours, 18,554 with first dose

Romania's National COVID-19 Vaccination Coordination Committee (CNCAV) has reported that in the last 24 hours, 41,554 doses of vaccine were administered, of which 28,383 doses of the Pfizer vaccine, 2,648 of the Moderna vaccine, 1,413 of the AstraZeneca vaccine and 9,110 of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Orban: Romania needs qualitative and quantitative improvement in diplomacy

Romania needs the "qualitative and quantitative improvement" in the field of diplomacy, and the country's representation must be carried out at all levels of interaction and communication, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Ludovic Orban said on Thursday at the 8th edition of the Bucharest Model NATO Conference.

Transelectrica and University Politehnica of Bucharest to set up first integrated digital lab in Romania

The National Company for Energy Transport Transelectrica and the University Politehnica of Bucharest (UPB) have signed a partnership through which they will establish and operationalise DigiTEL, the only integrated digital laboratory in Romania, for testing future technologies from the energy sphere, the company informs.

Anti-COVID vaccination campaign / 69,477 people immunized in last 24 hours

The National Committee for Coordinating activities regarding vaccination against COVID-19 (CNCAV), informs that in the last 24 hours there were 69,477 vaccine doses administered, among which 50,237 from Pfizer, 4,312 from Moderna, 6,253 from AstraZeneca and 8,675 from Johnson&Johnson.

Anti-COVID vaccination campaign / 68,820 people immunized in last 24 hours

The National Committee for Coordinating Activities regarding Vaccination against COVID-19 (CNCAV), informs that, in the last 24 hours, there were 68,820 vaccine doses administered, among which 48,111 from Pfizer, 6,224 from Moderna, 7,467 from AstraZeneca and 7,018 from Johnson&Johnson.

Turcan: No discussion about raising retirement age and contribution period, we reject amateurism of some politicians

Minister of Labor Raluca Turcan declared on Tuesday that the increase of the retirement age has not been discussed and "it is absurd" to circulate the idea of 'the increase of the 15-year minimum contribution period, mentioning that she rejects any speculations in this sense, and "the amateurism of some politicians, who either use working documents or follow the old technique of disinformation.

Deputy PM Barna: Discrepancies in reporting of COVID-19 deaths - real problem, but not conspiracy

The different reports in the medical system of COVID-19 deaths represent a real problem, however a technical one, not someone's "conspiracy", Deputy Prime Minister Dan Barna told Tuesday evening private broadcaster B1TV. "It is a technical matter, my colleague [Minister of Health, Ioana Mihaila - ed.n.] answered very clearly how those figures were generated.

Gross domestic product up by 2.8 pct in first quarter of 2021

The Gross Domestic Product increased by 2.8%, as seasonally adjusted series, in the first quarter of 2021, compared to the previous quarter, while, compared to the same period last year, the GDP did not record any change, according to the estimated data released Tuesday by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

COVID vaccination campaign/ 105,844 people inoculated in past 24 hours

The National COVID Vaccination Coordination Committee (CNCAV) informs that according to data provided by the National Public Health Institute through the National Electronic Vaccinations Registry app, 105,844 people have received the coronavirus jab in the past 24 hours, with 87,497 injected with the Pfizer vaccine, 7,221 with the Moderna serum, 7,745 with the AstraZeneca and 3,381 with the Joh