Volen Siderov

Sofia District Prosecutor's Office: Volen Siderov Wanted!

Volen Siderov has been declared for a nationwide search, the Sofia District Prosecutor's Office announced.

The municipal councilor, after being regularly summoned, as the accused, did not appear for a prosecution. The defendant was not found at the addresses he stated, which necessitated his announcement on 15.04.2020 for a nationwide search.

Bulgaria’s Parliament Accepts the Resignations of Liliyana Pavlova and Volen Siderov

Bulgaria's Parliament approved the resignations of Liliyana Pavlova and Volen Siderov as MPs.

On 5 June 2019 Pavlova submitted her resignation because the Cabinet nominated her to become a vice-president of the European Investment Bank, because of her valuable experience in financial and project management, as well as cooperation with European institutions.

There Will Be a Second Round in the Most Big Cities

There will be a second round in Sofia and a number of regional cities. GERB remains the strongest party, the BSP improves its results and goes on a run-off in a number of regional cities. The big surprise of the vote is the breakthrough of the independent candidate Boris Bonev in Sofia. At the same time, Bulgaria rejected national populists.

Iran and Bulgaria are Negotiating for Direct Flights Sofia - Tehran

The Bulgarian and Iranian aviation authorities will negotiate an amendment to the current air transport agreement and the future direct line between the two countries. This was announced by the Ministry of Transport as a result of the meeting of the Bulgarian-Iranian Intergovernmental Commission.

Leader of ATAKA: Bulgaria Should Not Allow External Intervention to Stop TurkStream

After the parliamentary meeting with Dmitry Medvedev, Ataka's leader and deputy chairman of the Friendship Group with Russia, Volen Siderov, commented that Bulgaria should not allow "any foreign finger to intervene again to stop" TurkStream. " According to his words, the Prime Minister realizes and works for the realization of "Turkish Stream" and Belene NPP.

GERB and UP will Hold Coalition Meeting at Council of Ministers

A coalition meeting between GERB and United Patriots is expected at the Council of Ministers today. The coalition partners will discuss the situation amid the demand by the mothers of children with disabilities for resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Valeri Simeonov and tensions within the coalition, reports Focus News Agency. 

Security Council with Cabinet will Hear Bulgarian Ambassador in Russia on Friday

The Security Council with the Bulgarian government will hold a meeting on 30 of March to discuss the case with the Russian former double agent Sergei Skripal and hear the Bulgarian Ambassador in Russia Boiko Kotsev, the government's press office said on 29th of March.

The Skripal case will be discussed at the meeting.