William Barr

US Justice Department dropping Flynn’s Trump-Russia case

In an abrupt about-face, the Justice Department on May 7 said it is dropping the criminal case against President Donald Trump's first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, abandoning a prosecution that became a rallying cry for the president and his supporters in attacking the FBI's Trump-Russia investigation.

US Ambassador to EU, on visit in Bucharest: We are here to help in any rule of law issues

The United States Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sondland, who was in Bucharest on Thursday, told a press conference that the US is ready to help Romania in "any problems related to the rule of law." ""The US is very concerned about the rule of law for not just the obvious reasons that you can't have a civil society without rule of law.

The US is Launching a Major Anti-Monopoly Investigation Against the Major Technology Companies on the Internet

No specific companies are listed.
The US Department of Justice's antitrust department said it was launching a major investigation against powerful high-tech Internet companies suspected of trying to stifle competition and dominate the markets, Reuters and DPA reported, quoted by NOVA TV. 

In meeting with AG Barr, PM Dancila mentions her gov't determination to strengthen relations with US

At a meeting on Tuesday with visiting US Attorney General William Barr, Romania's Prime Minister Viorica Dancila voiced the determination of her government to strengthen relations with the USA, with Romania being a supporter of co-operation between the United States and the European Union. "The Romanian government and the Romanian society are deeply attached to the European and Western values.