Wolfgang Schäuble

Police arrests a 29-year-old for the parcel-bomb in former-PM Papademos!

A 29-year-old, who had previously been arrested and several times for participation in riots – and even sentenced to two years in prison – is, according to the police, the man who sent a parcel-bomb to the German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schäuble and to the former Greek Prime Minister Loukas Papademos on May.

German Minister: A New Financial Crisis Poses a Threat to the World Economy

The world economy is facing the risk of a new financial crisis, warned German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble, quoted by the electronic edition Politico. Global debt and the volatile borrowing market can push the world into new serious financial sector problems.

Schauble: Greece needs to work hard, not a debt reduction

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble was categorical regarding a possible debt reduction for Greece in an interview to newspaper “Mannheimer Morgen”, according to a Reuters news agency report. The German politician, who is in the midst of an election campaign, said initiating talks on debt relief would send a wrong message to Athens when the Greek economy was on the recovery.