Xeni Dimitriou

Claims of meddling into Novartis case to be investigated

Deputy Supreme Court Prosecutor Dimitrios Dasoulas, who currently serves as chief prosecutor following the retirement of Xeni Dimitriou, has ordered an investigation into claims by fellow deputy prosecutor Ioannis Angelis that there were political interventions in the Novartis inquiry and into criticism by politicians implicated in the probe of its judicial handling.

Top judge appointments null, void

Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos has refused to sign two presidential decrees for the appointment of a new prosecutor and president of the Supreme Court that had been selected by the previous SYRIZA administration.
The decrees, which were returned to the newly elected New Democracy government unsigned, are considered null and void, and not binding, as a result.

President returns decrees on judicial appointments unsigned

Greek President Prolopis Pavlopoulos returned unsigned the two presidential decrees on the appointment by the previous SYRIZA government of the new prosecutor and president of the Supreme Court.

Since the decrees were not signed by the president, they are considered null and void and therefore are not binding for the government of New Democracy.

Supreme Court official asks for testimony to pushed to after elections

A Supreme Court official who has challenged the handling of an investigation into claims that several high-ranking opposition politicians had taken bribes from a Swiss pharmaceutical firm, has requested that his testimony before colleagues be postponed until after Greece's general elections on July 7.

Angelis orders probe of politicians’ lawsuits before testifying on Novartis

Just two days before he will be deposed regarding his charges of a botched handling of the Novartis kickbacks case by his colleagues and of governmental meddling in the case, Deputy Supreme Court Prosecutor Ioannis Angelis has in a 10-page report requested that lawsuits filed by former PM Antonis Samaras, former Pasok leader Evangelos Venizelos, and European Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos (

Volos prosecutor: N17’s Koufodinas should not receive furlough

A Volos prosecutor has recommended to the competent Volos Lower Court Judicial Council  that Dimitris Koufodonis, the top gun of the now defunct November 17 terrorist organisation who is serving 11 life sentences for as many murders, not be granted his regular furlough on the grounds that he has been recently charged (along with other inmates) with the felony of encouraging a prison uprising in