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Handwritten 'Hey Jude' lyrics sell for $910,000

A sheet of paper bearing Paul McCartney's handwritten lyrics to "Hey Jude" sold for $910,000 in an online auction held on April 10 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' historic split.    

The document penned by McCartney and used during the 1968 London recording of the classic song at Trident Studios was sold for more than five times its pre-sale estimate.    

The 15 ugliest nationalities in the world! (photos)

Bad news everyone. You know how statistics and the internet do an amazing job at capturing reality? Well, the two recently combined their powers of assessment and aimed them unforgivingly at your face. Internet dating, perhaps the highest authority on beauty, has just released an exclusive, damning report on how ugly you are.

Even in 2017 The Beatles are Making GBP 67,000 a Day

Even nowadays, the legendary rock band The Beatles continues to earn GBP 67,000 a day from a company that was closed more than 50 years ago, reports bgnes. 

In 1968, members of the Liverpool Four (John Lennon, Sir Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Star) jointly set up the Apple Corps to manage their finances and generate nearly GBP 24.4 million a year.

First Playboy… now Pirelli retracts nudes (pics)

Teen boys have another reason to weep this year as the Pirelli calendar adopts a new theme – Feminism!

Once filled with glamorous women, nude models and sexuality, the 2016 Pirelli calendar has taken a turn and swaps raunchy nudes for activists, campaigners and generally women of substance and achievement.