Macedonian Government Survives No-Confidence Vote

The Macedonian government on Wednesday survived a parliamentary vote of no-confidence brought by the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party over its handling of relations with Greece and Bulgaria. 

The vote was seen as a test for Prime Minister Zaev's reform agenda and policy of improving relations with the two neighbours as a step to joining the European Union and NATO. 

Macedonian PM slams president for his "cowardice"

"I am sorry that the president of the state has decided literally not to respect the Constitution and to announce that he will not sign the law for the second time. That is not good, it is a flagrant violation of the Constitution of Macedonia and, of course, institutions do not have the right to allow this to happen," Zaev told reporters in Skopje.

FYROM's Zaev Calls for International Treaty Rather Than Constitution Change

Zoran Zaev, the prime minister of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, on Tuesday again rebuffed Greek demands for a change to his country's constitution, instead proposing the drafting of an international treaty which, he said, would be of greater value to Greece, Ekathimeriniwrites.

PM wants Macedonia's new name to be translated into English

Beta agency reported this on Monday, citing a Deutsche Welle report, that quoted Zaev's interview for German magazine Spiegel.

Zaev said jokingly that when it comes to possible territorial pretensions that Greece is warning about, "the only pretensions from Macedonia are directed towards the Greek beaches."