Zak Kostopoulos

Zac Kostopoulos: the real estate agent in prison, the jeweler under house arrest – The decision of the Court of Appeal

The real estate agent found guilty in the Zach Kostopoulos death case was sent to prison today by the Court of Appeal. The court decided that he should serve his sentence (six years in prison) in jail while, in contrast, the jeweler (who was given a five-year sentence) was given home detention, as he has reached the age of 80.

LGBTQ youth group condemns Golden Dawn attack on offices

An organisation representing young LGBTQ people in Athens has condemned an attack on its offices, blaming it on the youth wing of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn group.

In a statement, Colour Youth said the attack took place on Sunday night.

Photos from the scene showed Golden Dawn symbols and slogans spray painted on the entrance to Colour Youth's offices.

Trial date for death of gay activist set for October 21

The trial over the death of 33-year-old LGBTQI activist Zak Kostopoulos in September 2018 in central Athens has been set for October 21.

Six people - two store owners and four police officers - are facing charges of causing fatal bodily harm.

The activist's family had lamented the delays in setting a date.

Police officers' lawyer complains over leak from Kostopoulos inquiry

The lawyer representing eight police officers accused of brutality during an incident that ended with the death of 33-year-old Zak Kostopoulos in downtown Athens on September 21 has sent an out-of-court complaint to the chief of the Greek Police (ELAS) over the leak on Friday of the decision reached in an internal inquiry into the issue.