Zbigniew Ziobro

Democracy Digest: Poland’s Presidential Soap Opera

Those three are Malgorzata Kidawa-Blonska from the centrist Civic Coalition, Wladyslaw Kosianiak-Kamysz from the agrarian Polish People's Party and independent Szymon Holownia. 

Jitters in the PiS camp were confirmed by party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski himself during an interview published on February 26 by Gazeta Polska, a magazine considered friendly to the right-wing government. 

EU triggers proceedings against Poland, sanctions could follow

The European Union has triggered Article 7 against Poland, a procedure that could result in sanctions targeting Warsaw, PAP news agency reports. The EU says Poland has violated democratic values with proposed judiciary reform.

The European Union's executive body use Article 7 of the EU treaty what is called a "nuclear option" against Poland on Wednesday.